Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Roll With the KIEV 88

My two favorite people...Jake & Hallie

Shot with my new favorite Camera.


Neva Austrew said...

Mary, these shots are adorable! Is that your daughter and husband?

Jo said...

Keep posting :) It is such a nice way to see all of you. Tell Jake he just gets more handsome every day...can't wait till tomorrow LOL

Mary E Mayer said...

Hi Neva! Yup thats my cute family, the only thing cuter is my black pug Chloe! She is 15 years old and a childrens book waiting to be written. I took these as test shots for my Nanny project. I did my first Nanny yesterday and I'm pretty happy with the results. I will post more stuff soon. Thanks for writing!

Hi Jo! So glad you found my blogspot, check back often for more stuff!!!!!
XX00 Me