Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Draft, Artist Statement:

Me holding on to my mother.

I began photographing during my adolescence when my pictures often spoke for me. I used my camera as a tool to communicate ideas and thoughts that were difficult to write or talk about. Taking pictures and working in the dark room provided much needed peace and solace during my high school years. Over time I have continued to photograph images that will allow me to examine human relationships, family and children. The joy and wonder I feel while photographing is like no other feeling I have ever felt. I always have a camera with me, like a devoted friend.

I look for opportunities with my subjects where they don’t realize there is a camera present, that moment where the camera disappears. And they feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves. I have taken to using a 1950’s Kodak Brownie Hawkeye flash camera, with 120 film. I find that when I bring this camera out of my bag my subjects relax and do not feel as if I am aiming an ominous black digital camera at them. It usually makes for a very relaxed and fun shoot.

My current work explores Nanny’s and the children they care for. Initially I began to examine the employee as the “Other Mother”. However soon after my first shoot the strong bond and attachment between these nannies and the children became more obvious and important to the study. While exploring these relationships I am also attempting to define my own role as mother. I am currently faced with a life change, where my daughter has begun college and the examination of maternal bonds has challenged me to reflect inward on my identity.

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