Monday, October 15, 2007

Opinions Please !

Greetings art lovers, I have a request...
My advisor and my mentor and I have discussed the
difference of images shot in black and white and color.
I have included the two above for discussion and would love to hear from you all.
Basically I am interested in knowing if the same effect is achieved in color as well as b/w.
Is one a stronger image?
Please give me your 2 cents.


Rebecca Moran said...

Hi Mar,
I like the one of the swing in color because the color focuses my eye on the swing and the colors are primary and it looks like the child is having fun, swinging. The bl and wh swing looks more serious and to my eye the meaning is not as clear as in the color one.

The ones beneath it... of the family portrait, I really like the black and white one. Great shot!

Kevin G. said...'ve actually got two differences between the pictures. Not just color vs. black and white, but distorted vs. straight. Did you take the top picture with a Holga? Why not try using color film in the Holga to see what it does, and use a "good quality" camera with black & white film to see how the image changes.

By the way, I vote for the Holga picture :)

Mary E Mayer said...

hey Kevin, it is my box brownie, and it does a wicked blured edge thing which I sort of bluring the boundries between caregiver and child...the fuzzy like between the "Other Mother"
I have quite a few more on my flicker account if you care to look. I love the feedback. Yours too Rebecca. I agree with the cool one with the dog.